Monday, 30 November 2009

Political Correctness

For to long we have been living under the threat of political correctness - the new totalitarianism. It not only seeks to control our speech, but our thoughts and actions. It purports to be the expression of freedom but is just another kind of bondage - another one of Satan's schemes to blind and bind.

Its time for us to speak up, to raise our voice to stand and be counted.

The Manhattan Declaration

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A Controversial Anniversary

Yesterday (Tuesday 24th November) was the anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin's, The Origin of Species.
Charles Lyell, who came up with the idea of geology’s millions-of-years and was Darwin’s mentor, wrote that he was motivated by the desire to, “free [the] science from Moses.” In other words, the creation account in Genesis. Science you see is not the problem, creation is. Creation has always stuck in the throat of humanity, because it begs the question of a Superior Being, and therefore the fact that we are not free, but have been given life and are accountable for the way that we live it. If we can get rid of God we are the master of our own destiny, answerable to no one, we can make the rules and sing with Sinatra "I did it my way."
The general theory of evolution has no scientific base, it is a philosophy. It starts with its presuppositions (a supposed idea about the way things are) and works the data accordingly. Sadly many evangelicals are being taken in by the pseudo-science that parades itself as true science, preferring to believe the pseudo-science and adapt the Bibles story to fit it.
In theistic evolution (the Christian version of evolutionary theory) man is still considered to be descended/evolved from the 'apes,' yet the Bible unequivocally says that God created man in his own image from the dust of the earth.
In danger of over simplification let me put it this way: The theistic evolutionist gets around this by saying that's the origin, after all God created the dust (or even the explosion that led to the dust), but humanity came further down the line when God selected a pair of more developed 'apes' and breathed into them the breath of life (literally, God was still creating and working to get to this point)!!! Now, if you can do that with the text anything goes, and the Bible can mean anything anywhere!
The fact of the matter is, the theory of general evolution is anti-God, it cuts at the very foundations of the Christian faith and the West today is beginning to reap the results of it.

Being made in the image of God gives humanity DIGNITY (think of all the effort to discover self-image; to be somebody) and correspondingly RESPECT for one another (think of the lack of respect for peoples lives, its cheapness, especially among the younger generations). It provides the basis for all human RELATIONSHIPS, husband and wife, parents and children (think of all the dysfunction and breakdown that goes on today), which in turn builds the basis of a stable SOCIETY. And because we live as those who are accountable to God it provides the basis for true JUSTICE for all people.
Above all it deals with mans real problem, his REBELLION, his sin, his alienation from God the true LIFE-GIVER. It cuts people off from the real SOLUTION, the GOSPEL - JESUS, the only one who is able to rescue us and renew our lives.