Thursday, 27 September 2007

Contending for the Faith

What do you think of theology? Do you think its just for the profs and preachers?

For many theology is a turn off, and the emphasis is on experience - as if you could divorce the two. When feelings are in, and thinking is out, the devil has the run of the pitch.

And yet good theology aids worship, work, witness and welfare. Without it we lose our moorings and we are all at sea, tossed this way and that by the latest trend in thinking, or what our latest feelings are - my mind goes to at least one popular writer who seems to start with what he feels and work his theology out from there! And when asked to answer certain questions, to clarify what has been said, cannot give a straight answer.

Doesn't sound like Paul or the Bible to me.

It was Jude (v3)who spoke about the need to 'earnestly contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.' It seems like we have forgotten what 'once for all,' 'delivered' and 'the faith' means, and that today everything is up for review, so that after nearly 2000 years we are just now beginning to discover what the message of Jesus really was and what he really did!

Once again we are having to 'contend for the faith' - in the church!